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Greg Bott uses his strong banking knowledge to help farmers identify the best ways for them to move forward – from revising banking structures to identifying business opportunities. Greg Bott’s wide agricultural business experience allows for support in a wide variety of areas including;

  • Identifying opportunities to drive the business forward both productively and profitably.
  • Whole farm plans, consulting and business strategies
  • Partnering with other experts to provide a more detailed analysis of the business.
  • Working with farmers on major expansion and development projects.
  • Financial analysis, budgeting and ongoing financial management reporting.
  • Succession Planning
  • Government loan and grant applications
  • Banking reviews to determine if your banking package is the most appropriate and if your interest rate and fee structures are competitive.
  • Preparation of loan applications on behalf of farmers to lessen the workload and allow information to be prepared in a format suited to banks.
  • Building (or repairing) relationships with banks and financial institutions
  • Help farmers understand what bank’s look for in a farming business and how risk ratings affect interest rates.
  • Help farmers understand their borrowing capacity and what opportunities this could unlock.

Farm Consultant

Greg’s Background

Greg Bott has over 40 years of experience in the banking sector, specifically to the Tasmanian rural community. In this time he has worked across a range of lending institutions, the most recent as State Manager for one of our leading agricultural banks. Greg Bott Consulting was started in 2016 to allow Greg to share these experiences with farmers across Tasmania.

Greg’s passion is to help farmers grow their productivity and profitability through improved financial management skills and by identifying further opportunities for expansion. His experience in rural finance and farm management systems means he can help farmers determine their future direction and correct banking structure.

With strong relationships with key agronomists and banks, Greg can help ensure that you work with the right people for the greatest benefit for each business.

Greg Bott is also the;

  • Food & Agribusiness Director of the Northern Tasmania Development Corporation
  • a member of the Australian Institute of Agriculture
  • a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and
  • a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Banking & Finance.

Finance Consultant

Agricultural Consultant

Why Greg Bott?

Greg Bott’s experience in the banking industry can provide you with the advantage that 40 years of experience can provide you. He will help you grow your business in the best ways possible, without pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Greg Bott Consulting has the experience across the industry to help farm businesses refine what they are doing to help find new ways to make money in their existing business or to even look at ways to save money in areas that could be better used somewhere else.

Whether it’s identifying ways to expand, improving farm profitability, finding the right financier, or reducing interest rates, Greg Bott Consulting is completely focused on helping his clients achieve the best result possible.


Greg Bott Consulting

Greg Bott 58

Banking Consultant

“[Greg] has created more millionaires in Circular Head than anyone else”


To find out more about how Greg can help you, please get in touch using the form below or else contact Greg directly by calling 0458 001 139