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Farm Loans & Government Grants

Greg Bott Consulting provides strategic assistance with government loans and grants for agribusiness in Tasmania.

With over 40 years in the banking sector, specifically to the Tasmanian rural community, Gregg Bott Consulting can assist you with government farm loans submissions and the development of successful business plans and cashflow budgets to help maximise your opportunity for success.

Greg has the experience to help determine government loan and grant suitability in conjunction with relevant government department/s, whilst liaising with government departments on your behalf to correctly identify farm loans submission requirements and oversee the entire application process.

  • Help determine suitability in conjunction with relevant government department

  • Assist in completion of loan submissions including business plans and cashflow budgets

  • Liaising with Government Departments on progress and requirements

Why Greg Bott?

Greg Bott’s experience in the banking industry can provide you with the advantage that 40 years of experience can provide you. He will help you grow your business in the best ways possible, without pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Greg Bott Consulting has the experience across the industry to help farm businesses refine what they are doing to help find new ways to make money in their existing business or to even look at ways to save money in areas that could be better used somewhere else.

Whether its identifying ways to expand, improving farm profitability, finding the right financier, or reducing interest rates, Greg Bott Consulting is completely focused on helping his clients achieve the best result possible.

Find out how Greg can help you and your farm grow in a positive direction - get in touch today.